I suffer from sleepiness

I was face up to kyrie.
I try to use paster first,when lip make up.

I think it was succesful.^^
it feel so good.

I fall in love her ,more and more.

I'm too tired.this time AM 3:25.
now, my grammar ability is too bad, the worst, stupid.

It is very very sweet and lovely.isn't it?
though I don't particularly like her lip, now, I love her lip.

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This is the second doll clothing that I made.
It is very bad quality.

Sewing machine must had gone mad.
Because thread was cut, too often.T_T

and length of skirt was too short.
when doll is standed, It is very ridiculous.

nevertheless, I love the clothes that I made.^^

I know Xavier

Though I didn't want to watch my test paper, I watched it, seriously.


Reason of my bad score was capital letters and commas!
I have habit that don't write capital letter at the beginning sentence.
and I write ',' and '.' simillarly.
He did error check almost ',' in my test.

So,my franch abillty was not so bad.haha;
I was reassured.^^

I think I will take every precaution in test time of Xavier.

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Franch and mathmatic are similarly just to me.


When studying french or mathmatic for myself, these are interesting, sometime easy.
but when take exam these sbjects, I receive bad marks always.


I hate professor Xavier.
He don't have the least consideration.
My class don't leaned french before.
but his teaching standard is student that learned franch before.


Thesedays, I have been leaned french.
but It so hard.T_T
and I don't like french professer.

my imagine was broken.T_T

I hate french.and I have grown dislike france.

old photos

This photo was taken in February 10th.
reft side=Iruka(my friend's doll :Luts,ttori)
right side=Kyrie(own doll)

I and my friend wandered some place for taking photos at night.
so, we found the one,after all.^^
the one was limited cafe.

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This was taken a photo at toilet of my home.
because so dark and so haste, many photo was
shook it when pressing the shutter.T_T

I want to make a Osaki Nana of my Kyrie.


There is lunar New Year's Day in korea.
The day is that relatives got together to they parents.
This year is February 9.
so, holiday started feb.8.

new wig and new clothes that was reservation ordered before was arrived february 8.
I was very very happy.because I could give present to my doll.
kyrie look very very nice and cooooooooool in the clothes and wig.
It is good match with my expectation.

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This is Hyde fanart.
I draw at AM 2:00~4:30.
I must be out of my mind to do such a thing.-_-;

I don't like that . I think It is too rough .

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I'm thinking of selling my CD on ebay
It's the 2nd,3th single of Tetsu, "shinkirow" & "fifteen half"
but i'm not sure if there's someone who needs it.
so i'm asking a question to you all.

If there is, i'll definitely sell my stuff on Ebay
Is there anyone who wants to buy my CD from me?
This CD is not a copied one, genuinely made in Japan.These are original items MADE IN JAPAN.

It is FIRST limited eddition.
and It is in very good condition.

Price : each $20

*first picture: fifteen half : CD + figure
*second picture: shikirow : CD + limited special T-shirt.

please, reply-